Massage Rates

I am currently providing massage at Alpine Chiropractic Center located at 118 Downing Ave N. North Bend, WA 98045. Please call 425-888-6846 for pricing and to schedule an appointment. Thank you very much.

One on One Fitness and Defense Packages

1 Session for $30.00 + Tax

5 Sessions for $140.00 + Tax

10 Sessions for $250.00 + Tax

(**Package Sessions are to be paid in full at time of purchase and are valid for 42 days from date of purchase. This is to encourage your continued commitment to frequent activity)

Defense and MMA  Monthly Pricing and Schedule

Defense and MMA Training (Boxing, Kickboxing and Sub Mission Wrestling Classes) $50.00 + Tax

****Current we are only offer Boxing, Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling in conjunction with our Fighter/Competition training programs. Space is limited. Your monthly fee ensures you a spot in any of the classes. You may attend as many, or few, of the scheduled training sessions as you chose.

*** Fitness and Defense Class packages are valid from the first week of the month purchased thru the last week of the same month and WILL NOT be carried over to the next month without arrangement prior to your prolonged absence. “Use it, or lose it”.


6am-5pm 1 on1 Training and Massage by Appointment

7pm-815pm Submission Wrestling


6am-5pm 1 on1 Training and Massage by Appointment

6pm-715pm Boxing Skills Training


6am-5pm 1 on1 Training and Massage by Appointment

6pm-715pm Submissions Wrestling Application and MMA Training


6am-5pm 1 on 1 Training and Massage by Appointment

6pm-715pm Kickboxing Skills Training


6am-5pm 1 on 1 Training and Massage By Appointment


10am-12pm Submission Wrestling Application and MMA

12pm-4pm 1 on 1 Training and Massage By Appointment

No Show and Cancellation policy for 1 on 1 Fitness and Massage Appointments

Cancellations are to be made via email or phone Prior to 10 PM, the night before, scheduled appointment.You will be charged the session price after 2 late cancellations.

No Shows will be charged the session price, plus a $15 No Show Fee, upon initial no-show. A courtesy call to remind you of your appointment will be given 10 minutes after your scheduled start time. Your No Show Fee will be due before next session being scheduled. You will be subject to billing fees if a No Show Fee payment is not made within 30 days of missed appointment. No Show Policy does not apply to classes.

Open Gym: Members with a full month package, paid in full, are eligible to attend open gym hours; or you may pay a $10 drop in fee.(Currently not available)

Sales Tax=8.9%; will be applied to all merchandise, fitness, and defense purchases

(All Policies and Prices are current and effective as of 1/17/17)


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