Frankie E Orr; LMP, EP-C, PTA

Earned A.S. as Physcal Therapist Assistant in 2003 and Massage Practitioner(treatment massage program) in 2007 from Whatcom Community College. Became certified as an Exercise Physiologist; EP-C (formally Health and Fitness Instructor/Specialist) through the American College of Sports Medicine in 2006. He worked in out patient physical therapy for 5 years with emphasis in manual therapy and exercise program design and prescription. Frankie works with patients and athletes of all ages and skill levels. He has a solid knowledge of body mechanics and exercise development to maximize safe functional application of abilities and works to develope an individual’s awareness, knowledge and control of their own body in both anatomical and functional capacities to minimize future injury, dysfunction or development of pathological diseases associated with inactivity.

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